Jack’s 2nd Birthday Party at the Moxie Spot

Last weekend we went to our first real kiddie birthday party.   All the first birthdays we encountered were of the very low-key mostly-for-the-grownups sort. Harper’s own first birthday was spent home with only inanimate friends, thanks to a wicked ear infection.

Harper's first birthday. Note the glassy sick-baby eyes.

But how times have changed, here in the era of 2s.  This party had it all: Toys, coloring stations, stickers, pizza, balloons, party hats, those blowy party favor things, goodie bags, cake, and live music by the Rolie Polie Guacamole guy OF COURSE.  There were practically more moving parts than at my wedding. I’d never been to the Moxie Spot before and thought it was just lovely — we’ll definitely check out some of their events (not to brag, but Harper was personally invited to the Dance Around after her sugar-fueled jams) if I’m ever feeling unlazy enough to deal with the bus.  And I’ll also keep it in mind as one of those coveted few actually-little-kid-friendly places to go out to eat, as we outgrow the ability to stow the tot in a corner of a normal grownup place without causing major irritation/humiliation.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun — toddlers know how to party! for up to two hours at a time! — and we all went home happily overstimulated and crashing from apple juice.

I’m almost inspired (almost) to get my act together and plan something for Harper’s 2nd birthday, even though I am due to be giving birth pretty much exactly then.  Something baby-themed, maybe?

One response to “Jack’s 2nd Birthday Party at the Moxie Spot

  1. Wow…looks like a very, fancy party!! Everyone was having a lot of fun by all observations!! I will steal these photos too!!

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