Storytime at the Postmark Cafe

Q: What do you do when it’s gray and drizzly and you’re sick to tears of the playground anyway and all you want to do is curl up with a book but the precious miracle you’ve spawned needs to be tired out?

A: You try every galdang storytime in town.

My friend Mary, the mother of the extremely sweet and ridiculously photogenic little boy pictured below, always has lots of good ideas of things to do (I suspect she has a spreadsheet somewhere of every fun thing there is to do with kids in Brooklyn because how else can she keep track of so many??), and she clued me in to the Postmark Cafe’s excellent toddler storytime.

Now, I’m starting to consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of these things.  The storyteller must be engaging and a bit loud and have books that are large enough for everyone to see and aren’t a thousand pages long.  There should probably be some accouterments such as stickers or stamps to really win a place in a small child’s heart.   The other parents/nannies should be friendlyish or at least not menacing.  And this storytime had it all, including STICKERS and a CRAFTS project and a SNACK! And it was FREE!

The cozy nook  in the back of the coffee shop is perfect for containing wandering tots, and it actually wasn’t that crowded for a rainy day although I hear that’s not usually the case.  Sigh.  So why am I telling more people about it?  Hmmm wait don’t listen to me it’s awful don’t go.

Sadly, it didn’t tire out Harper enough to actually get her to nap, which has been a disturbing trend, so I might have to stick with high-energy morning romps for a while if I want the little waif to sleep and not be a crumbly mess by 4:30 pm.  But that’s not storytime’s fault.

2 responses to “Storytime at the Postmark Cafe

  1. Another rainy Tuesday option is Toddler Time at the Cortelyou Library. It’s at 10:15 and 11:00. You may not believe this, but there are no tickets or waiting lines and you can come in even if you’re late. Songs, stories and then the librarian brings out a bunch of toys after the 11:00 session and the kids can hang out and play. I think the librarian actually likes children. Combine that with all of the restaurant options on Cortelyou to go for lunch afterward and you’re looking at a pretty good day. Plus, most of the restaurants have a fairly sparse lunch crowd so there aren’t too many people to be disturbed by crazed toddlers all hopped up on the aforementioned songs and stories.

    • Sarah, thank you for this, but I don’t understand. No lines? You can go to the storytime even if you’re late? What does it mean? What world is this? And the librarian likes children? Very strange. Let’s go sometime and then eat at the Farm on Adderly. Wait, are people allowed to eat there if it’s not brunch? Hm.

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