The Sphere of Another’s Life

I loved this line from  Nicole Krauss’ haunting story “The Young Painters” in which the narrator describes a dancer’s apartment where she’s attending a dinner party: “Once I…began examining his many little collections I had the elated, otherworldly feeling I sometimes get when entering the sphere of another’s life, when for a moment changing my banal habits and living like that seems entirely possible, a feeling that always dissolves the next morning, when I wake up to the familiar, unmovable shapes of my own life.”

This describes exactly the weird elation I feel when I see a home, in person or online, that inspires me.  Lately I’ve been obsessing about, what else, tiny toddler rooms.  It’s so nice to know Harper isn’t the only kiddo who lives in a glorified closet  (the Brooklyn baby bedroom, as I call it) and to get some good ideas besides.  And have I mentioned Baby Brother is on the way?  Who knows where he’ll go.  Anyway.

(Click on the images for the original sources.)

This closet is so pretty I wish I lived in it. More pictures at Oh Happy Day!

The Brooklyn nursery: bedroom corner and closet. From Lovely Morning.

Leave it to Design*Sponge. Look at this shared room closet situation!

Do you think it's always this clean? It sure looks pretty.

3 responses to “The Sphere of Another’s Life

  1. From the play,” A thousand clowns,”

    Nick is about a 12 year old boy and Murray is his uncle.
    Murray Burns: Better go to your room.
    Nick: This is a one room apartment.
    Murray Burns: OK, then go to your alcove.

    It was probably a Manhattan apartment but it could have been Brooklyn.

  2. If you’re lucky, Baby Brother will be a climber and happy to sleep up on top of a ladder…

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