The Read Balloon: No More Diapers for Ducky!

We’ve been sort of casually flirting with potty-training around here, the bathroom equivalent of sidling up to the potty now and then, batting our eyelashes and calling “Hoodie-hoo!” Harper uses the potty now and then only to ignore it for days afterward, like a fickle dater who takes forever to call back. Sometimes the potty becomes a convenient place to stash stickers and small toys and kitchen utensils. (Think of THAT if you ever eat at my house. Just kidding, don’t.) Every now and then it’s a very becoming hat. In other words, despite lots of talking about the potty and what happens there and all that, we’re just not quite there yet.

Obviously I think this will be solved by finding the right book, because I think finding the right book is the solution to pretty much everything. But I’ve found that, like with the “new baby” genre, a lot of the potty-training books seem overly complicated and focused on the negative. Harper doesn’t hate or fear the potty, and is unconcerned by the concept of “accidents,” so why read her books that linger on these issues? The one I’ve liked the best so far is exuberantly titled No More Diapers for Ducky!

The duck's diaper is fuzzy. How cute is that.

Now, maybe I’ve giving the kid too much credit, but I think Harper knows what goes down in the potty. She doesn’t need an informative power-point. She just needs the motivation, and this book has the right, light-hearted touch. The charcoal and watercolor illustrations are simple and cute. The story is fun and the text non-annoying to read 80,000 times as I can attest. Ducky wants to play with Piggy but Piggy’s too busy sitting on the potty. Ducky gets bored waiting, and finally realizes that her diaper feels cold and wet and (and this is Harper’s favorite part) kicks her diaper across the floor. Then — SPOILER ALERT — Ducky uses the potty herself. As an aside, shouldn’t we all have friendships as close and open as Ducky and Piggy’s?

I haven’t checked out the rest of the books by Bernette Ford and Sam Williams but it looks like a bang-up list. No More Pacifier for Piggy!, No More Hitting for Little Hamster!, No More Playground Gossip for Bitchy Moms! Oh, gotcha! I’m kidding about that last one!

Any other great potty-training books that are likely to magically toilet-train my child just by sitting on our bookshelf (the book, not the child, ew)? Please share.

4 responses to “The Read Balloon: No More Diapers for Ducky!

  1. We really like Mo Willems’ “Time to Pee”…not that we are anywhere close to being potty trained!

  2. Try promising to buy her a car when she turns 16, that usually works.

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