Snow Days

If you plan on being in Brooklyn during a “snowpocalypse,” let me recommend a) not having anywhere to go or anything to do, and b) making sure this happens right after a major gift-giving holiday.  For us, this blizzard has been quite lovely and snuggly, the only downside being a touch of cabin fever that can always be remedied by a rousing round of “chase Quimby and scream.”  We did try to take Harper out for an idyllic Prospect Park sledding excursion, but she had to go and wreck it by weeping the entire time she was forced to wear her new snowpants. (Thus, only pictured from the still-cute-looking back).

prospect park sledding

Since we were smart/lazy enough to spend Christmas here in Park Slope, the idiotically rampant travel delays/lack of plowing/snowed-in-subways-and-emergency-vehicles-and-um-snowplows (?!) haven’t affected us much, other than by curtailing our plans to go into the city and death-battle tourists to catch a glimpse of the Christmas windows.  My heart goes out to all the stranded travelers, especially the ones with small children.  Ack!  Nightmare!  And I feel lucky that we are cozily stuck at home.

records and tea with daddy

The stores might not be well-stocked but we have a lot of Christmas cookies.

decorating christmas cookieschristmas cookie tasting

dipped gingersnaps

And, wouldn’t you know it, we have an apartment full of new toys.  What luck!  Also, new dish towels and socks, which Harper keeps pointing out with an excitement matched only by own: “New towels! New socks! HOORAY!!!”  I don’t think she’s being sarcastic.  Anyway, she’s loving her new be-like-mama-kit (i.e.  tea set and tiny books) and the matching be-like-daddy-kit ( retro Fisher Price record player and kids’ camera) not to mention her — finally! — excellent easel!  (When do we have to stop living vicariously through her and ask Santa to bring, like, stuff kids are into?  Not very soon, I hope?)


harper camera

christmas treeWe’re leaving this sucker up until Harper knocks it down.

4 responses to “Snow Days

  1. We took August out to our side of Prospect Park today. He only wants to walk where there is no path which causes him to fall down and, since he is bundled up beyond recognition, he can’t actually stand up once he is on the ground. He did enjoy throwing snowballs. This activity consists of us making snowballs and placing them into his mittened hands at which point he graciously lobs them about 6 inches and immediately does the sign for more. He doesn’t seem to mind his snowpants(left over from last year) but getting him into his boots is a herculean task not to be entered into lightly. We’d love to hook up for a sledding adventure. We don’t have a sled, but in all honesty, August would probably prefer to walk in uncharted territory until he falls over anyway. Or he and Harper could fight over her sled even if neither one of them actually wants to ride in it. Maybe tomorrow?

    • Harper loves her boots obsessively and is so-so on the rest– together they make one functional child! We would love to sled in the middle of the park with you other-side-people. Of course we are all sick though. Maybe our fortunes will improve in the next few days…?

  2. This is the year we can all graciously feel sorry for the people who had to try to go to warm places over the holiday break. I spoke to Mayor Bloomberg today and he promised to get all that white stuff cleared away before I come to NY. Next week. Okay, I didn’t exactly talk to him DIRECTLY. But I heard on the radio that he is trying…

    • It’s supposed to be in the 50s this weekend! So I think the snow will leave us quietly, if sloppily, and the beautiful winter wonderland should be a big wet mess of mud and unearthed dog poo next week. Hooray!

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