The Kitchen Sink

I’m always dubious when  toys  promise “hours of entertainment,” especially since the optimistic slogan is usually emblazoned on something pretty lame like a package of pipe cleaners. But there is one thing that legitimately provides  hours of entertainment around here: The kitchen sink.

Harper is OBSESSED with playing in the sink. Give this kid a chair to stand on, a faucet dribbling out water, and some cups and spoons and I literally have to pull her away kicking and screaming a full hour later. Hey, there’s some saving grace in renting– not paying the water bill! Even so, maybe this is silly but I do feel bad about wasting water. I mean, not that Harper developing her senses and motor skills and all that crap is a waste exactly but also, you know, it is. I’m contemplating experimenting with a tub of suds on the kitchen floor though I have a sinking (har) suspicion I know how that will be received.

Playing in the sink is sort of the perfect toddler entertainment. It’s free, it’s clean, and sometimes your dishes get washed. Harper can do it by herself. Okay, I’m sitting right next to her to monitor faucet-touching and chair-slippage, but I’m also writing this post. She’s currently washing spoons and screaming “happy! Happy!” She must have learned this from watching me wash dishes!

The only problem is that it really is tough to pry her away, even when her hands are pruney and clothes soaked. We’ve been using a timer and discussing “when we’re done we’re done,” and “no crying, no fuss,” catchphrases she then repeats to her baby doll.  This morning it actually worked and the session ended without a major squall, so hopefully that’s a good sign.

Meanwhile I’m seeing the sink in a whole new light.  That’s the best part of life with a toddler, I think, is how you start to think “Oh my god! You’re right! WATER/SAND/TIN FOIL IS AMAZING! HOLY CRAP!”  That and all the boogery kisses.

4 responses to “The Kitchen Sink

  1. This makes me Happy! Happy!

  2. B and I confessed to each other last night that we both missed Harper. I think it’s this exact quality of wonder and delight that makes her and other toddlers so fun to be around.

    • Aw! I’m sure she misses you guys too. We’ll have to make a date. It is pretty funny to be in toddler-land all the time. It’s hard to remember what I did all the time before, and how things looked and seemed to me!

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