Harper’s Tiny Closet Bedroom: After

And here is the after: Big girl room.  Well, tiny girl room.  Tiny girl tiny room.  It’s actually kind of nice to have the bookshelf and reading nook out in the family office space now.  And the transition from crib to bed has gone better than I could ever have imagined. Harper LOVES the bed, is very proud of it, tells everyone who will listen about her “own big bed.”  She’s wandered out into our room a few times, but since her room does lead straight into our bedroom, I don’t worry about her getting into any trouble.  She just comes over and orders me to put my glasses on.  But has been amenable to re-tucking.  And get this — in the morning, if I bring her a snack and some water, she will hang out and read and play with toys in her bed for UP TO AN HOUR! And she’s been sleeping LATE! SOMETIMES UNTIL SIX-O-CLOCK AM!  (Yes, that is late for her.  Pity me.) ALL HAIL BIG GIRL BED!

So, with that: After: Toddler Room

tiny toddler room

Voila. Heart rug from Ikea. Dog hair on it from Quimby.

changing table

We got these awesome animal prints from Berkley Illustration on Etsy. The super-fancy gilt frames are from the super-fancy dollar store.

pkolino toddler bed

Harper's grandparents were nice enough to buy us this adorable Pkolino toddler bed. Yay for Gamma and Gampa! Harper's bunnies were all presents from various nice people, and the frog and mouse are from, where else, Ikea.

The garland lives on!

Harper's toddler bed

Harper has told us several times how she can get in and out all by herself. Oh, and I should note that the beautiful quilt is from Sew Natural on Etsy. AND that it came with a little soft matryoshka doll to go with. How cute is that.


Interestingly enough, now that she doesn't have to sleep there, Harper likes to play in her old digs, now located in a corner of our bedroom. Here she is, tucking in (smothering?) her ugly doll (um, baby brother?).

And there you have it.  We would never have suspected we’d be in this apartment so long, but it’s proven to be very versatile.  Thanks, tiny room!

(Here is the room as Harper’s nursery.)

ETA: It’s about 9 months later, and I feel like this post could use some better photos now that the room’s been settled into more. And we have a better camera. And by me I mean Adam.
Et voila.

4 responses to “Harper’s Tiny Closet Bedroom: After

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  2. the bed is really charming, as is the child who sleeps in it

  3. Looks great. Love the animal prints and that! quilt! I have a thing for matryoshka dolls.

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