Harper’s Tiny Closet Bedroom: Before

While Harper’s room isn’t exactly a closet, it also sort of is.  It has a closet in it that we thought about knocking down for the space until we remembered it was sort of our only storage, and so kept it for out-of-season clothes and things like that  and just pretend it’s a regular wall.  The room has a window, though. That makes it not really a closet, right?  Oh, who cares.  The point is, we’ve tried to make this teensy nubbin of a room (I’m terrible with square feet.  Like, 6 maybe?) into a cute and cozy bedroom — and keep in mind we rent so couldn’t really construct anything terribly clever, not that we realistically would have anyway but it’s nice to imagine — and we just last weekend rearranged everything to accomodate our big girl’s new big girl bed.  I’ve been so inspired (well, realistically, filled with jealousy and wonder) at the tiny closet nurseries and teeny kids’ rooms I’ve seen online, so I thought I would post a few pictures here.  Keep in mind this has all been done on a totally tight budget, like as in, none.

First,  the Before-Before.  This room ruled as my office, but whatever.

writing room

Almost exactly 2 years ago. Pregnant with Harper. Peacefully writing at my clean desk. Look out the window -- New Yummy Taco was still Dragon Garden. Little did we suspect how our lives would change.

The Real Before: Nursery.


tiny nursery
BabyMod mini-crib and dresser from Walmart. Sorry, not PC, I know.
reading nook

Every miniscule room needs an extensive library and reading nook. The bookshelf we found on the street before I became terrified of bed bugs. Globe is a touch-lamp from a thrift store in Minneapolis. Bla-bla doll is far more beloved by me than Harper. And the movie-star picture of Daddy is for nights he's not home in time for tucking in.

book garland

I made some storybook garlands for a friend's baby shower and then got selfish and kept one for Harper's room.


Awesome art by the awesome Allison Hester. Shell from the Jersey Shore. The place, not the show.

star ceiling

When we decided to move Harper into this room, I potato-stamped silver stars on the floor and ceiling, the whole time chanting in my head "adorable jewelbox of a room," a phrase I know I got somehow from domino magazine.

See, we couldn't knock down that closet -- it even has an attic, where we store, in misleadingly-labelled vintage suitcases, our "linen closet." In the lower left, please note beloved Virginia Woolf doll, made by talented illustrator Jennifer A. Bell, and cherry-blossom kid's kimono, made by the wondrous seamstress Stacia Smith.

harper in reading nook

The reading nook in action. I was sad to see it go but then it just got transported elsewhere, so all is well.

(Here is the room as Harper’s big girl digs.)

3 responses to “Harper’s Tiny Closet Bedroom: Before

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  2. How cute! I am a total Allison Hester fan, great stuff!

  3. Haha..I had a closet bedroom when I was a kid..I LOVED it! I guess my mom was ahead of her time.. or we were just broke 🙂

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