Saturday Afternoon at the Hootenanny Art House

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit, how you say, trapped in the apartment.  For some reason the stupid sky keeps dumping unrealistic amounts of snow on New York, and there have been days and days when I can’t really get the stroller through the Little-House-on-the-Prairie-style snowdrifts.  It takes about forty minutes to convince-or-fight Harper into her outerwear, and I’m super tired and achy and loathe to slip around on icy sidewalks anyway.  So we play inside.  And we play inside some more.  And we do art projects.  And we bake things. And…you know.  I guess I should feel lucky that she is a kid who will actually entertain herself inside and isn’t bouncing off the walls and/or begging for the playground.  I mean, I do feel lucky.  But still.  Winter, come on.  We can’t bake any more cookies!  Our bellies will explode!

hootenanny art open studio

Adam asked to only be featured on the blog if he looks cool. I think he looks pretty cool here. Don't you?

But this weekend we found a perfect entertainment: the open family art studio time at Hootenanny Art House.  It’s just a few blocks away so we weren’t hampered by transportation snafus.  And it was great.  They had a few cute but not overly complicated projects they rotated through — painting and winter-in-Brooklyn collages — plus side stations stocked with chalk and play-doh.  Weirdly, Harper was much more enthralled with the pretty pastel wads of smooth store-bought play-doh than she usually is with the plain stuff I make at home.  Hm.  She had a great time painting and pasting and of course, sitting and staring at other kids, which tends to be her modus operandi at things like this.

hootenanny art open studio

Harper takes a break from painting to stare at another child for twenty minutes.

It looks like Hootenanny holds an open family art studio the last Saturday of every month, and I bet we’ll be back.  The teacher, Kira, was warm and welcoming.  There’s a suggested donation of $10-20 per family, which seems fair given the amount of supplies you can tear through.  I kind of can’t believe we’re only discovering this now, but then again it’s only recently that Harper is really old enough to enjoy it, I think.  Oh, and it’s officially all ages, although it seemed to be mostly occupied by the 2-4 set.

hootenanny art open studio 3

Collage time. "Look, we finally have our own brownstone in Park Slope!" I said when Harper pasted on a little picture of a brownstone. "Really?" said a nearby adult. "Um, ah. Heh. Uh, no." Then I ran away.

Afterwards she couldn’t stop talking about it.  “Yittle girl CRYING!” She’ll say every once in a while, delightedly.  “Need go home and take a NAP!”  Okay, so watching another kid have a cranky fit passes for big entertainment around here.  What?  That’s life in the big city — very exciting.

hootenanny art open studio

Harper continues her staring project while Adam draws, as ordered, a puppy guy.

2 responses to “Saturday Afternoon at the Hootenanny Art House

  1. It looks fabulous! We will definitely join you next time. August enjoys staring at other kids too. He also still enjoys saying “Amy Amy Amy” so I think it could be a good time for all.

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