Painting Cookies with Toddlers, or Flirting with Salmonella

I’ve recently become a little obsessed with this excellent blog The Artful Parent.   She has the cutest craft projects for her kids, and seems to be one of those moms who’s sort of like “Oh so last night I whipped up this play fort in five minutes” and then posts a picture of an adorable house made of a sheet and with nicer windows and doors than I’ll ever have, and makes it all look really easy and beautiful.  So anyway, I decided to try one of her Valentine’s Day projects – painting cookies — when Harper had a friend over yesterday, thinking  that it might be a nicer way to spend a frigid snow-bound morning than fighting over the toy stroller.  (What is it about those toy strollers?  They make children lose their minds!  They really should be banned.)

First thing in the morning I made some sugar cookie dough.  Of course I didn’t have a heart cookie cutter, and only really thought of doing the project a few instants before beginning, so they were just circles.  I know. Lame.  I chilled the uncooked cookies, and when Sabine came over, mixed up some food coloring and set them out with q-tips for paint brushes.  Finding #1: mixing the dyes with milk made for vivid “paints” that the girls seemed much more drawn to than the dyes mixed with water.

painting cookies

Sabine paints cookies while Harper mashes the living daylights out of hers.

Sabine tidily arranged her q-tips and set about to carefully applying lovely washes of color to her cookies.  In the meantime, Harper’s work space looked like the aftermath of a vampire attack, with red food dye splattered gruesomely on her t-shirt and the wall.

They painted happily for about three minutes before they were overcome by their desires to devour cookie dough.  Sabine was placated with an explanation that we would eat them after we baked them.  Harper nodded and then as soon as I turned my back, mashed up her wad of dough and scarfed it down.  Finding #2: this is really a project better suited for slightly older kids.  Or more sensible kids.  Like Sabine.  Still, it was a cute and delicious little activity.  And Harper seems to have survived her raw egg consumption and possibly even grown stronger because of it.

I forgot to take beautiful photos of the finished products, of course (please note how GORGEOUS the perfectly-cut cookies — and perfect dye-container and sweet little work table — look on the original post), but here are the girls feeding doll cookies (we made some small ones expressly for this purpose) to their good friends, Enid from Ghost World and the panda bear.

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