A Ditmas Park Play Date

story time

Story time. (from one of our excellent new library finds, "The Story Blanket," illustrated by Elena Odriozola)

Our friends Sarah and August lured us out of the apartment today with promises of a good time and somewhere to drive to while we had to move the car for alternate side parking anyway. This is becoming a major obsession of mine. I pray for snowstorms catastrophic enough to suspend parking regulations. Yes, all this snow has been my fault.

Anyway so this is how Harper and I found ourselves spending a morning in Ditmas Park. First, story time at the Cortelyou Library. I’ve been having library angst since our branch has been closed, and it’s only worsened since I’ve been too achy and it’s been too snowy to make the walk to the lovely Central Library. (Which this summer I did at least once a week. Oh, to stroll down through the park on a Saturday morning for storyplay, then a stop at the farmer’s market, then a visit to the playground on the way back! This now sounds like the work of an Olympian to me, and I really can’t believe I’ll ever have that much energy or see that end of the park ever again.) I have this vague ambition to go to as many different branch story times as possible to find that perfect one. I think at this point I’ve been to five. Maybe if I keep believing in myself, keep working hard, keep checking that online schedule, maybe just maybe, someday this earth-shattering goal shall be met.

In the meantime, Sarah was right that this story time is EXCELLENT. Miss Josephine is a hoot. She exuded energy and fun, sang and danced around and read just-the-right-length books, really engaging the kids. A children’s librarian who seems to actually like kids! Weird! Harper clung to my legs and stared at the proceedings. By the time she warmed up and was ready to go join the other kids on the rug, story time was over. But there were toys to hoard, so she was into that. Later, she reported to me that a little girl was grabbing toys. “Uh, was it you? You were grabbing.” She thought about this and then concurred: “Harper grabbed.” So if you go to this story time, watch out for Harper.

After story time we checked out some new books (on the way home: “Harper so excited yiberry books!” That’s my girl!) and then went to lunch at an empty Farm on Adderly. This was extremely exciting, in part because we haven’t been out to eat in ages, and in part because Harper actually held it together through a pretty leisurely lunch. There were a few months there were it was just completely pointless to try to get her to sit still at a restaurant. But today, well, there was August to entertain her and his toys to steal, not to mention the weird little toy animals they have at Farm on Adderly for kids to play with. Good thing Harper can now add puma, anteater, and badger to her already completely-unnecessarily-expansive-especially-for-a-city-kid bank of animal-related knowledge. Also, that place is so ridiculously delicious and pretty.

Anyway, if the weather had been nicer and naptime not quite so looming, we would surely have stopped at that cute little playground there across the street from the library. And there you have it, a pretty excellent play date. For the hundredth time I asked myself, Should we move to this neighborhood? And then I answered myself, I think we just did everything there is to do here. But if you live here and I am wrong please tell me. Also if you live here and have one of those beautiful Victorian houses you’d like to give me, please contact me ASAP.

2 responses to “A Ditmas Park Play Date

  1. It was my pal, HD Thoreau who said he’d traveled widely in Walden.
    But that is in like another state.

  2. Thoreau had no babies and often went home to his mom’s place for dinner. I’m just saying.

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