Found: Toddler Easel

A while ago I wrote about how we were looking for just the right easel for The Next Great American Artist.  I mean, Harper.  And I have been terribly remiss in that I have not acknowledged that we did finally find the PERFECT AWESOMEST EASEL FOR A TODDLER/KID!

toddler easel

Harper at work. Yes, she dressed herself today.

Harper’s grandma and grandpa sent us the Fundamental’s Children’s Easel for Christmas, and it has been a huge hit.  I like it because I think it’s pretty, and I’m shallow.  Look at those clean wood lines!  That adorable supply-caddy and paper roll!  It’s like school! What could be better.  Harper likes it because it offers options.  There is the chalkboard.  There is the paper.  There is the dry-erase white board on the other side.  This was confusing at first, naturally, but now she’s gotten the hang of it and we encounter much less marker on the chalkboard and such.

dry-erase crayons

Harper's first work with dry-erase crayons.

Also, the thing is adjustable.  We actually haven’t even put the legs on yet, which makes it just the right height for the wee one.  And oh yeah, it’s only $60.  Good deal for something so solid and pretty.

kids' easel

Virginia Woolf doll sold separately.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an easel for your toddler, buy this one.  The end.

4 responses to “Found: Toddler Easel

  1. There’s nothing better than the right easel… was it hard to put together?

  2. Adam reports that it was very easy to assemble! (Because of course like everything, “Daddy made it.”)

  3. I’ve been looking for an easel for my toddler for some time now. I’m so glad I found this blog. Thanks for sharing this info.

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