Tea Time

We’ve been very into tea parties around here lately. So much so, in fact, that I think for Harper’s second birthday (which is in late March, a mere five days before Baby Brother Boombox is scheduled to make his appearance…!) we are going to have a tiny tea party for little ladies. We can only fit, like, one person in our apartment, so it will have to be an intimate affair, but I am feeling very not into paying the hundreds of dollars it seems like it will take to do it elsewhere. Particularly when we realistically need to be able cancel at the last minute, just in case Boomer happens to be an early bird. Thus, the tea party concept.

I have grand plans inspired by gorgeous perfect birthday parties I’ve internet-stalked on Ohdeedoh (handmade bunting! amazing little treats! party favors as pretty as they are fun!) that I have done nothing to realize. But what I have done is some very extensive research. Please, observe:

Mr. Gumpy

Miss Spider

A House is a House

And I have been Harper through some pretty rigorous tea party practice drills.

I just hope we can get into  sipping shape in time!

10 responses to “Tea Time

  1. The photos in this post are charming! I love being about two years behind and having a sneak preview of little girl’s development. Lovely! Enjoy in good health.

    • Oh man, just wait. It gets so fun! I thought it was fun when she was teensy, which it was, but the stage where they start playing by themselves and pretending and reading you books and everything is SO AWESOME AND AMAZING!

  2. Be sure to wrap the lemon slices in cheesecloth and don’t forget the watercress sandwiches…

  3. So friggin’ cute. I wish we could get together and let the girls have a crazy tea party. (Things get wild at our house.)

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  5. You can have it at my place, if you need more space. We throw a wicked tea party ourselves and like to smell things baking. Lemme know!

    • Oh thanks! We are all kid-proofed and everything, and these people we are inviting are very small. But thank you! You guys will have to come over for tea sometime. Harper makes excellent imaginary rainbow tea.

  6. Right, right… kid-proofed.
    Keep me posted on the rainbow tea situation!

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