Sabine’s Room: Small and Serene

Here is Sabine.

The lovely and refined Sabine (who you might recall from our adventures painting cookies) was Harper’s first ever friend that she made herself. Isn’t that cute? They found one another in the childcare at the Y. Finally Sabine’s mother and I took the hint and started making playdates for them. Harper is obsessed with Sabine. The other day I told her we were going to do something really fun and she said, “Oh! Play with Sabine?” She was so sad to leave Sabine’s house yesterday that she decided she would dream about Sabine when she went to sleep. It’s ridiculous.

I like Sabine too, and it just so happens that she has a beautiful little bedroom (6×9, I think — I know, HUGE compared to Harper’s) that perfectly reflects her serene and ladylike bearing. She and her mother were gracious enough to let me snap some pictures in order to present our first-ever-that’s-not-Harper’s tiny bedroom tour.

Sabine's serene room

In a seriously tragic twist of fate, Sabine is moving to Seattle, and their apartment is thus on the market. This lovely (if ever so slightly misleading) photo was taken by their real estate photographer, Jessica Brown.

Sabine’s mother, Carrie, told me a bit about how the room came together.

Sabine's big girl bed

“Mama is  not so crafty, but luckily grandmamas are. Each made her quilts that are layered on her bed (which is from Ikea– super basic 100 dollar crib that turns into a toddler bed); my mom also made the pillow covers on the bed.  One of the owl pillows came from a cousin who used to design kids’ clothes (the orange one) and the other came from a friend of a friend who sells her stuff on Etsy (her name is Jannine Doto).

owl pillows

The cross-stitch piece above the head of the bed is made by Dave’s mom (Nana) and the little framed piece above it is actually a soap wrapper from the gorgeous works of Saipua of Brooklyn. The tapestry on the wall is from a long-ago trip to Peru that Dave and I took waaaay before Sabine was born (of course).  The mobile is just a basic metal piece (bought at Area kids in the slope) to which I affixed cute little paper balloons of different animals that I found at Pearl River Mart in Soho. Sabine still loves those!

There are hooks on the adjacent wall  that we got on our “babymoon” trip to Maine. We knew we had no closest space in the nursery so were trying to think of ways to maximize wall/vertical space.


The green dresser was a FIND of a lifetime. I bought it on sale (90 percent off) at Anthropologie on 5th Avenue in the city– and neither the sales girl nor I could believe the tag of 160 dollars (down from 1600). She said, “you know that is cheaper than most of our dresses!” Funny stuff. I had it delivered for another 50 bucks or so and never looked back. It’s been a life-saver since it houses all of Sabine’s clothes, blankets, extra linens, and a great many toys etc.

The rug is a basic wool one from Ikea– and the shelf is from Ikea too. The toys are from various places: the abacus was mine when I was a kid, the piggy bank on the shelf I found in a little antiques shop in Seattle (in Ravenna); and the dollhouse was an Amazon purchase.”

And there you have it. Isn’t it pretty?

Harper's like, "Wait whaaaat? Sabine is MOVING? WTF PEOPLE? I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!"

8 responses to “Sabine’s Room: Small and Serene

  1. What a wonderful space that is… what is the stringed instrument/toy in the photo with the abacus?

  2. Though I realize it will not come with a sophisticated toddler, I need to see that listing. Email me!

  3. Yes, it is the plan toys banjo! Dave, who plays lots of instruments, says that really, it’s not like any other instrument he’s ever heard in his life- but Sabine loves strumming it nonetheless. She and dad play side by side (he on bass).

    I’d love to send you the link to our listing, Carrie. Going to do that right now. ; )

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  5. Hi, loved tour of little bedrooms, I have a little daughter who is 14 months and about to embark on a “design a nursery on a shoe string budget” should be a challenge.Little Sabine is adorable. greetings from Cape town, South Africa, Debi Drury

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