Baby Nook

baby nook

I was going crazy trying to hang everything straight and then stepped back and realized: the molding itself is crooked. As are all the walls. Oh, brownstone!

There are these people we know who live in places such as anywhere other than New York who say crazy things like, “We really need more space/another bedroom/a bedroom at all before we have a baby.” Does anyone know what they are talking about?

Anyway, Baby Boombox will, upon his imminent arrival, be hanging out in our bedroom with us because we are old-world like that. Above is his little nook. No really, that’s the whole thing.


Don't tell Boombox, but this used to be a GIRL'S crib.

When you learn you are having a boy, you hear a lot of sympathetic Aw-the-stuff-just-isn’t-as-cutes, as if the main joy of parenthood were the accumulation of adorable little dresses and matching bonnets.  It totally is, of course. But still, I have not found boy stuff to be un-cute. Look at that quilt! A gift from Grandma and Grandpa, who found it at Sewn Natural’s Etsy shop, which is also where we got Harper’s lovely matryoshka dolla quilt for her big girl bed.


This Plan Toys rattle mobile is not as funny as the "city animals" mobile we made for Harper, but probably more functional.

The artwork above the crib — well, I don’t know.  What do you think, too boyish? (I realize I need a better picture of it.) The military theme is a bit creepy, I know, but we found those little soldier guys at a stoop sale ages ago and found them weirdly charming. The walrus embroidery is another Etsy find — check out kngo’s shop for more awesome embroideries and assorted sweetnesses.

donkey embroidery

I didn't make it. But somebody did.

Then of course I thought Harper needed one too. Her donkey is hung over her bed, just one wall apart from Boombox’s walrus. (Oh we are cozy aren’t we.)

donkey embroidery

Harper now occasionally jumps around screaming "Bonjour!" which makes this needlepoint totally worth it.

I know I’m not alone in being, these last days of pregnancy, fixated on getting The Stuff all set. Like, if the baby’s crib is all set up and his artwork hung and the hospital bag packed and the clothes carefully washed in Dreft and then tucked away (only to be whipped out daily and used to dress up dollies…oh well) then he will realize it’s time to be born, and all will be well. Now I’m making up things. Oh, he wants me to write a blog post and THEN he will be born! Oh wait, he wants me to finish this OTHER made-up project and THEN he will be born.

Well listen, baby, your gestating is officially complete and there is a cute walrus embroidery on your wall.  That’s all I’m saying.

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