The Read Balloon: Best Baby Books

great kids' booksHey, do you like my new Read Balloon image?
This is what happens when Nani (aka grandma) is in town to take Harper to the playground. Hey hey!

Also, turns out I’m not much of a graphic designer. Oh well.

Anyway, I was thinking about being back in baby book land (IF THIS WEEK-LATE BABY IS EVER BORN THAT IS) and about starting that first baby’s library. When Harper was born, people gave us beautiful, classic picture books that we now love to pore over. But before we got to this fun Madeline-and-Knuffle Bunny stage, we did our time wading through the battlefields of incredibly boring board books.

There are the very simple shapes-and-colors board books that are supposedly so good for babies’ developing eyes and whatnot but unfortunately not especially thrilling for parents’ already-developed-and-dulled senses. There are the board book versions of regular picture books that you excitedly buy and then realize are way too long and involved for your drooly six-month-old who just wants to gnaw all the pages anyway. Then there are the completely inane board books illustrated with crappy stock photography and full of tone-deaf text that sounds like it was badly translated from the Chinese.  (I regret to inform you that  your baby will LOVE these ones and want them again and again and again.)

Also, you know what I found? At first you can read them ANYTHING because they can’t even protest! Ha! So infant Harper heard a lot of Proust and the New Yorker and oh how clever I thought I was. Then she learned about using her hands. And teeth. And we really had to go board book. But you know, there are also some really great baby books to stock the little peapod’s library with.

So, in order to utilize my overly-pregnant-person’s-need-for-busy-work and yet still avoid cleaning out the hellacious cabinet below the kitchen sink, I made a list of our family’s favorite baby books on Amazon, should anyone care. Here is a sampling. We’ll call it my TOP FIVE AWESOME BABY BOARD BOOKS THAT WILL NOT MAKE YOUR BRAIN DISSOLVE ANY MORE THAN IT ALREADY HAS SEEING AS HOW YOU HAVE A BABY:

I Kissed the Baby, by Mary Murphy

Haiku Baby

Haiku Baby, by Betsy Snyder

Charley Harper ABCs

Charley Harper's ABCs

The Going to Bed Book

The Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

Miss Spiders Tea Party

Miss Spider's Tea Party: The Counting Book, by David Kirk

Now I just need some little baby to read these to…

7 responses to “The Read Balloon: Best Baby Books

  1. Perhaps your next blog can be “bored” books. Like the Mr. series. And Berenstain bears.

  2. The kid I read to figured out which books made me crazy and demanded those because it amused her to see me go crazy.

  3. My daughter LOVES “Miss Spider’s Tea Party”… we read it almost every night. So happy to have discovered your blog. I love reading to my daughter and it’s been such fun discovering all the wonderful children’s books out there. Look forward to your recommendations! I have a blog as well and am *slowly* attempting to review all the children’s books set in NYC. Cheers!

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