Springtime in Brooklyn

I’m glad I always have my babies in the early spring.

I’m also glad Adam takes such beautiful photographs.

cherry blossoms

And I’m extra glad that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has all those cherry blossoms.

They seem to be the only things that get exuberant enough early enough to properly herald the end of winter.

Even if they are essentially only photo ops.

I’ve never been to the actual Sakura Matsuri festival though. Despite living in New York, I don’t love crowds. My favorite thing, I think, is a place that’s usually crowded, when it isn’t. Perverse, isn’t it.

Harper feels the same way as I do about crowds.

One response to “Springtime in Brooklyn

  1. Once again, a portrait of Harper takes my breath away. That last frame is just…wow. Makes me want to get out my easel…maybe in Seattle. ; )

    Truly beautiful images, Adam!

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