The Read Balloon: Summer, by Alice Low and Roy McKie

great kids' booksAt this point in my kids’ lives, a truly great book is one that can go from engaging fun times to  soothing bedtime read in the wink of an eye, taking us from from day to night, if you will, like one of those versatile little black dresses I’ve heard so much about. The charming, vintage “Summer”, by Alice Low and illustrated by Roy McKie,  is just such a book. Found at the great Unnameable Books just moments before an impressive tantrum forced us to flee the adorable little kids’ nook, this book has served us well this season.

They must have waited in line so long to get a turn on that swing!

I mean, why shouldn’t children get summer reads too? The sweet rhyming text and exuberant illustrations make me nostalgic for summer even as
I sweat through the middle of it. Sure, the beco is always soaked through. But: watermelon! Fireflies! Ice cream! Picnics! Ice cream! Swimming! Ice cream!

Harper loves this book, and a favorite new game/bedtime stalling technique involves reading this book to Froggie and Mousey, who hilariously get mixed up and think EVERY PICTURE is of the kids playing CROQUET, and need to be corrected over and over. Man, those two.

Anyway, a really sweet summertime book. I think Alton likes it too, an impression I got from Harper saying in her high-pitched Alton voice, “Yes, I like it!”

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