Daphne’s Dainty Digs

Oh boy! I’m so excited to finally have another Tiny Kid’s Room Tour to flaunt before your voyeuristic cyber-eyes. Kate and Daphne’s entire apartment is just the sort of smart, stylish land of efficient storage and pretty moments all city dwellers imagine their platonic selves to inhabit. So it comes as no surprise that the adorable, elfin Daphne has a room that is as lovely and clever as these ladies themselves. I recently took advantage of a calm playdate moment to hastily photograph Daphne’s room before Harper could brutishly attack the poor kid, truncating the sesh. “Harper, ” I said as we slunk away in shame, “we had to leave because you hit Daphne with a purse!” “Two purses, actually,” Harper corrected me, holding up two fingers. Driven into a jealous rage by slick storage and lovely fabrics? Who can say?

Tiny Kids Rooms

The dainty Daphne.

Anyway, here is what Daphne’s mom Kate had to say about this tiny kid’s room. You see, she’s a tiny kid but the room is also on the tiny side. Get it? If I keep typing tiny kids rooms in various iterations will it improve my tiny kids’ room SEO? Okay, on to the small kid’s small space. Etc.

tiny kids room

Kate: “We wanted to maximize the storage capability of an 8.5′ x 12′ room, and wanted to something that would grow with Daphne. I worked closely with my friend Elyse Kroll (of Elyse Kroll interiors and the Nate Berkus Show), a former colleague at Martha Stewart. She designed the storage wall, which consists of  24-inch-deep Ikea kitchen cabinets customized to be built-ins by handyman and good guy Anthony Alessandro. (Ikea PAX was our first choice, but the configurations available at the time wouldn’t have worked in the space.) The customization made the cabinets more expensive, but the amount of storage space is extremely useful. I like the reflective surface of the cabinets; it keeps them from overpowering the room and adds to the light, happy, dreamy feel that we wanted the room to have.”

Me (thinking): “Ohhhh, that’s why it looks so f*&%ing amazing. Elyse Kroll, right, okay, I feel better about myself now.”

ikea expedit in kids roomtiny kids room

Kate: “In addition to the closet, the other storage area consists of Ikea’s Expedit cubbies with a few doors and drawers added. We replaced the drawer pulls with the little white mushroom-esque pulls. Anthony built legs for the system and secured it to the wall. There’s lots of flexibility here, too, for storing books and other items. Daphne also imagines that she’s doing lots of different things, such as baking cupcakes, by opening and closing the cubby doors. Who needs a toy kitchen?”tiny kids roomtiny kids roomjosef frank-inspired curtaintiny kids room

“The room palette was a little challenging because I liked the idea of lavender walls, but wanted to make sure the overall feel of the room wasn’t too chilly or slick in combination with the white lacquer cabinet finish. We settled on Benjamin Moore’s “Misty Memories” (which I found amusing, considering that the room’s inhabitant was only seven months old). The color has a lovely mutability that the cabinets reflect nicely. The two throw rugs once belonged to Mike’s great-grandmother Rose, and his grandmother Fritzy crocheted the afghan on the chair. We hoped to find textiles that would work with these items, as we wanted them to be a part of the room. We have some prints that we plan to hang, but haven’t gotten around to doing that yet.

I’m a big fan of Josef Frank’s textiles, and Elyse found the material for Daphne’s curtains on Etsy that, while resembling Frank’s work, cost a fraction of the price. She also found the striped fabric for the bedskirt, which, I happily noted when I saw the swatch, looks like the curtains put through a meat-grinder. Not the most poetic statement, but I think you know what I mean.

The alcove bed is called a “studio twin,” which is slightly narrower than a traditional twin. It has a trundle to accommodate grown-up guests or Daphne’s pals in the future. The matelasse coverlet belonged to Mike’s grandmother Fritzy. We put the sconces on a dimmer so Daphne can control the amount of light there when the time comes. They eliminated the need for a bedside table and lamp. In the evening, when the lights are dimmed, I am reminded of a James Turrell installation. A gal can dream, can’t she?”

tiny kids roomtiny kids roomtiny kids room

“We’re very happy with the way things turned out. The room is a joyful, peaceful place that we hope will accommodate Daphne for many years. She loves to lead guests there, shutting the door behind them, congenially entrapping them while she shows them her toys and entreats them to play.”

Me: “And bop her in the face with two purses. Sigh.”
tiny kids room
tiny kids roomtiny kids room

Okay, I’m not afraid to say it: if you liked Daphne’s little room, you’ll love Sabine’s equally calm-yet-cozy room too!

(Seriously though, aren’t these girls lucky to have such cute hideaways?)

8 responses to “Daphne’s Dainty Digs

  1. Stacey Kasendorf

    I LOVE the tiny room for the tiny darling girl…..beides, she’s my cousin so I can be a bit biased. The write up is excellent!!

  2. Hi,
    We’re friends of Mike, Kate, and Daphne. We’re also friends of Mike’s parents, Elaine and Jerry. Thank you for sharing your article and photos of Daphne’s beautiful room. We love it!
    Hope and Larry Gaum
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  3. Leah & Bob Lampel

    Dear Daphne:

    You are such an adorable little girl and lucky to have a charming bedroom to sleep and play in! We are friends of your Grandparents Jerry and Elaine and they keep us up to date on all of your accomplishments……they love you so much and are very proud of you. We hope some day we will be able to meet you in person and give you a big hug.

    Bob & Leah Lampel

  4. A beautiful room for a darling girl! I am Carol Morgenstern’s sister, Kathy. We love the cubbies, colors, and efficient use of space. Daphne will enjoy many happy hours there.
    Terry & Kathy Dwyer
    Somerset PA

  5. We are two of the fortunate ones, having visits with Daphene when she was very tiny and then a little bigger, but haven’t seen her in two years – just wonderful pictures. The room is precious, which matches her personality.

    Jim & Helen O’Brien

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