Non-Kids-Music Kids Music

In our (and by that I mean Adam’s) record collection of, oh, thousands of records, we have a total of zero records of kids’ music, which — as much as I love Really Rosie and Free To Be You and Me — I think is pretty awesome. I mean, why not make them listen to what we like? I’m sure we have ahead of us plenty of years of kid-directed dreck crammed into our ears. And now if you ask Harper her favorite song she answers:

Harper’s other all-time favorite most-requested song is “Wild 2” by The Babies. She likes to take her hair down and shake it all around at the “Wild! Wild! Wild!” part.

Our go-to lullaby for Harper is, for some reason, this (which she calls “I know you belong to somebody new but tonight you belong to me” — that whole line!):

Alton’s go-to lullaby, on the other hand, is “Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart,” because after he was born and we were being moved from the having-a-baby floor of the hospital to the had-a-baby floor, the under-toothed but lovely-voiced nurse sang this in the elevator. I know, both their songs are sort of sad lost-love songs. Sorry, kids!

Harper also really likes Prince’s song “The Beautiful Ones”, though she finds most of his music to be “too bumpy.” David Bowie was approved as the soundtrack to a recent naked tea party. She very much enjoys ordering us to play Stereolab’s album “Dots and Loops,” possibly because of its appealing green color? She likes LA Vampires a lot. A few months ago, an effort to break a brain-splitting Do-Ron-Ron marathon was greeted with a screaming outburst: “I DON’T LIKE PATSY CLIMBS!” But if you sneak it on there, she’s actually ok with Patsy Cline. Oh, and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is always a winner too.

And I admit it, she LOVES the Hello Song from our excellent City Stomp class. Don’t worry, it’s quite sophisticated.


6 responses to “Non-Kids-Music Kids Music

  1. Okay, maybe only a fool breaks his own heart but those overalls are really, uh, well, they are the kind of thing one might regret having had one’s photo taken in, you know, years later, when it shows up on the internet…. I can only be grateful for having grown up when only the defense department knew about the internet.

  2. Griffin’s go-to lullaby is the song from ”The Jerk’ too. August will listen to Matthew Sweet, Myracle Brah, and Kasey Chambers with me. Sadly, his most requested song is the theme to ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ which he found on YouTube. Damn that iPhone.

  3. I’m sure he can play a ukelele if called upon to do so. In a pinch, he can substitute his custom-made cigar box guitar. He has hidden depths.

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