The Read Balloon: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop

great kids' booksIt’s obvious that my kids are much cooler than me, and they’re not even out of diapers yet.  And yet: They’re from Brooklyn. They have lots of really cool friends. They have crazy good fashion sense. (Harper has been known to rock 3 to 4 pairs of leggings with moccasins and then some underwear on the OUTside, thank you very much. Alton today sported a very cool Little Warrior shark t-shirt and diaper. I mean, come on!) They are excellent dancers. (Upon hearing music, Harper likes to shout, “I can shake my hair all around!” and then proceed to do so.) The list goes on and on.  So why should I be surprised when our favorite board book this week is Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, by Chris Raschka?

Harper found this book at the library and decided we should get it for Alton, who then replied in a high-pitched version of Harper’s voice, “Yes I like it!” Harper’s been really into all the baby books lately. I think what she likes best is that she can memorize them and then “read” them herself. So this little book led to adorable moments like requests for some “Charlie Parker plays be bop” music to be played, and Harper getting all up in the baby’s face going, “THE MUSIC SOUNDED LIKE HIP-HOP! NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAT ALONE!”

In the sea of crappy board books plagued by uneven rhythms and rhymes and corny subject matter, this book is a welcome change. It would make a great present for cool expecting parents, along with a teeny black-turtleneck onesie and an adorable baby-sized joint. What! No! But you know what I mean. I loved reading the nonsense, scat-like lines aloud. Although I will say it made me feel very extra white.

Anyway, great fun, this book.

And so cool.

charlie parker played be bop

Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, by Chris Raschka. By far the best board book for babies about Charlie Parker.

2 responses to “The Read Balloon: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop

  1. Where is the Midwest portion of this blog? I am very disappointed, Amy!

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