Sorry I Forgot About My Blog for a Second There.

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Where have I been? I know that all of my readers (i.e. both my mother AND my mother-in-law) have probably been missing my mush-mouthed missives (I don’t know what that means). But the last few weeks have been just crazeballs, as our babysitter would say. Playschool started — more on that later. I started a new part-time job — more on that sooner. Various other large life-changing projects in the works. Also, muffins. Two-ingredient muffins. That is what we can handle these days.

I will admit, I have moments when I secretly think, I have got this shit on lockdown. I am Supermom. This usually happens when both of the children have clean hair and clipped fingernails, which is basically the zenith of my competence. It is a wonderful feeling. It is also a fleeting feeling, completely forgotten when a few seconds later I leave a public restroom with my skirt fetchingly jacked up in the baby carrier or perform some other act of crazy frazzled momdom.

For example, the other day I picked Harper up from playschool. She hopped in the stroller, happily telling me about the day and eating her snack. What I didn’t pick up where her shoes. Right, I left the shoes at school. LEFT her SHOES. WTF. That is so something my mom would have done. No offense, Mom.

Then there is this whole working from home sitch. It’s great. If I were the kind of person who said things were blessings I would say, “This is a blessing.” I feel very lucky to be able to be home with my kids and at the same time write for Mommy Poppins and, as of a few weeks ago, Oprah. Honestly, I pretty much have the best job of all times ever. It’s what Harper would call “the most best.” The work is fun (and part-time), my brain feels nice and stretchy, and I get to work at a coffee shop while hogging the outlet and demanding endless tea-water refills, or at home, in my pajamas, while snuggling the dog on the couch. But working at home can be tough too. A few weeks ago I was finishing up a post one night after a long day of whatever it is the kids and I do all day. I was so…tired…and then…woke up to Adam’s laughter. I had fallen asleep on my laptop, people. My forehead typed three pages of V’s. I am not exaggerating in the least. The next day I had a bruise. Do not sleep on laptops. Not comfortable. Adam thought this episode was delightful. Hurumph.

So yeah, I haven’t checked in with this little blog much lately. But I am happy to be here now. Hellovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

A few of my time-consuming hobbies.

5 responses to “Sorry I Forgot About My Blog for a Second There.

  1. When you’re famous those 3 pages of “v”s will be studied in grad schools.
    The class will be post modern, post feminist, Park Slope renaissance lit.

  2. like the 2000 yr. old man said: “We mock the thing we are to be.”

  3. Yay for the part time jobs and Oprah! Holy wow! Also, you’re funniest.

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