It was the good book news that made me forget to buy butter.

Downey, June E (June Etta) 1875-1932, from the Smithsonian Institute's Flickr So, in case you’re a stranger (do any strangers read this blog?) or a friend who’s like a weird monk of some sort and not on facebook or twitter (if you take a vow of silence are you allowed to tweet?) …I have some news.

My second book has sold!

That sounds weird. (Has sold what? Its cute letterpress cards on Etsy?)  What I mean to say is that my clever agent has sold my second book.  Which is to say that the wonderful editor of my first book (How Far Is the Ocean from Here, now available as an eBook, purchase it today!) has acquired it. Which is to say that this new novel, tentatively titled The Double Life of Jenny Lipkin, will be published by Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, sometime around spring of 2013. Double birthday party/book party anyone? (Harper will be turning 4 and Ollie 2. This makes it seem like AGES from now.)

Here’s how I got the news: I was driving to Fairway. My phone rang  and I saw my agent’s number and had three heart attacks and pulled over to answer. “Is that Daddy?” Harper was saying in the backseat.  My agent told me the deal was done. “I want to talk to Daddy! Let me talk! Is that Daddy? Is that Uncle Matt?” I never talk to Uncle Matt on the phone, so I don’t know where that one came from. I thanked my agent, hung up, said, “Great news, Harper!”, and tried unsuccessfully to explain what was happening.  “Well, I really wanted to talk to Daddy,” she said.  Then, to celebrate this wildly exciting turn of events, we continued on to Fairway.  Where…I grocery shopped. Harper honored the event by eating a cookie shaped like Dora’s face and narrating the whole thing. “Ow! You ate my lips!”

I was reminded of getting that fateful agent-call for my first book. I was younger then (could I have been 26? I can’t do math.), without children, and I was glamorously…at work. I quietly spoke to him from my corner of the cubicle, hung up, turned around, told my cubemates what had happened, bounced exitedly in my office chair — lifelong dream, yayyyyy! — upturned my desk and quit then and there. Kidding! I just went back to programming the homepage for the website I worked for.

Okay, so it’s not like the ghost of Gertrude Stein flies into the room and coronates you with a tiara made from shredded Shakespeare plays. But finding out a book is going to be published makes working in a cubicle or grocery-shopping with the kids about 95% more fun.

7 responses to “It was the good book news that made me forget to buy butter.

  1. Fantastic news, so happy to hear! And what an accomplishment with 2 kids! I’m still wondering, how on earth did you find the time to write another book? Well done, woman. You are a magnificent role model for your children.

  2. Congrats! Wonderful news!

    -Mel, weird monk

  3. These weird monk says woohoo! Now the important question: What are you serving at the release party?

  4. I am so proud of you. Can’t wait to hear more.

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