Rockaway Beach: The Mini-Montauk.

For a few years now, we’ve celebrated the Amy Shearn Birthday Week of Tribute by going to Montauk, a sleepy little fishing town known only to locals and us. In October, that is. This year when Adam suggested it, I shuddered. I love Montauk. I love my birthday weekend trip. But traveling with two wee people, as cute as the photos turn out, is just so much work. What I really wanted was a morning with a cappuccino and newspaper and then perhaps a professional haircut from an elderly poolshark (both of which have been accomplished today, thank goodness).

Luckily Adam came up with a brilliant solution: a day trip to the Rockaways. For free, after only a 30 minute drive, we got our sunny, abandoned beach, our wild waves, our feeling of being out of the city, and we were home in time for Ollie’s nap. Heaven.


6 responses to “Rockaway Beach: The Mini-Montauk.

  1. Lovely!
    And while Montauk is one of my favorite places in the world (having spent my early years on LI), I have to agree that sometimes easier is even lovlier!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Sorry I missed your birthday. Great Shades…

  3. Montauk, and many other travel adventures, will totally be doable soon. Before you know it, Ollie will be potty trained, you won’t have a stroller, and you’ll be free to go anywhere, anytime, even spontaneously!

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