The Read Balloon: Peter’s Chair

great kids' books“Harper, what’s your favorite book right now?”


“Really? Peter’s Chair, the children’s classic by Ezra Jack Keats, who innovatively used collage and introduced multiculturalism into children’s literature?” *paraphrased


“What’s your favorite part?”

“I like when he reaches up.” (On the first page, Peter is building a very awesome block tower.)

“What else?”

“I like when his mama looks out the window. What’s he doing? There’s the picture of him as a bigger baby.”

“Yes. Pretty cool book. It’s about having a new baby in the house. We have a new baby, don’t we?”

No response.

“His new baby Susie is kind of like our Ollie!”

“Read it again. ”

And there you have it.

Ezra Jack Keats Peters Chair

Did everyone else know that Ezra Jack Keats was a Jewish white guy from Brooklyn? I didn't.

4 responses to “The Read Balloon: Peter’s Chair

  1. “Snowy Day” is a continual favorite at our house and, no, I did not know that he’s a Jewish guy from Brooklyn. Since I’ve now learned something new today, can I go to bed?

  2. I love the art in each of these. Thanks so much for pointing them out to us, the internet with no kids.

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