The Quotable HMT

Harper is constantly telling me she needs to work on her blog. Here’s a secret for you, though — her writing is really terrible. So I figured I’d help her out (this only works if she’s asleep, otherwise it’s all “I want to do it all by self on my own!”) and share some of her recent gems of wisdom. She’s been fuuuuunny lately. Well, I think so anyway.

“I’m pretending my feet are kissing. I’m pretending they’re a mama and a dada. [in a highpitched voice] ‘Where’s our kids? Where’s our kids?'”

“I’m going to read you this special new book with special new pretend words in Spanish.”

“I’m drawing a pirate. Pirates fly in the sky with other pirates and then they eat pirates.”

[upset about the washcloth being used for bathtime]: “No! I don’t want that technology!”

“I dripped the water in my mouth and now it’s running in my brain!”

“Alton, are you a person or a big pile of sand?”

“Daddy, you are good at talking.”

“I’m Amy.” [starts flailing arms around, pawing at a pile of towels] “I’m just looking for something!”

“I’m so happy that Alton is here and we can touch him and love him.”

"Oh, I'm just thinking of what to blog about as soon as I can actually type. Hope you're prepared, Mama."

4 responses to “The Quotable HMT

  1. Ok, that “pile of sand” line is going to become my go-to when asked at the end of interviews if I have any questions.

  2. Best blogger ever…. special new pretend words in Spanish…

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