The Motherboard.

So, I’m super excited to be blogging for REDBOOK’s Motherboard Blog Council. This means that every week I will have a post up at The Motherboard in which I reflect on my life as a perfect mother and offer tips and tricks on how you can be more like me.*

*No, not really.

There are some seriously great bloggers on this here Blog Council, which is a little intimidating but whatever, it’s also flattering: Tracey Black of Don’t Mess With Mama, Alicia Harper of Mommy Delicious, Joslyn Gray of Stark. Raving. Mad. Mommy. and Carmen Stacier of Mom to the Screaming Masses. Seriously, check out their “Don’t Judge Me” posts — they are amazing. Alicia Harper still goes clubbing! I admit, I am judging her…to be awesome.

Yesterday was the official launch of the Blog Council, but, in classic Mama-trying-to-do-too-much-form, I was all scattered and crazy all day — helping out at playschool last minute and then working in the afternoon (by which I mean, trying desperately to concentrate despite the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE BLARING at the coffee shop, aka, my office). So, what I’m saying is, Don’t Judge Me Because I Didn’t Post This Until Today.

Check this out!
Redbook's No-Judgment Day

Anyway, here’s my post, about how I let Harper watch television even though it makes me feel so guilty. I mean, not guilty. No judgment! No guilt!

But really, a little guilt.

I hope I don’t get fired for writing that.

2 responses to “The Motherboard.

  1. Congratulations! This is awesome!

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