My Grievances, Now in Haiku Form

Dick Gooding, journalist ; or Leonard Teale [?] from Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Cafe, Rowe Street, Sydney / photographed by Brian Bird c. 1948-1951

Can't everyone in this public place just BE QUIET? I'm trying to read this eBook that I printed out.

It is a weird necessity of my writing life these days that I do most of my work and all of my novel revisions at my local café. This means that my brain tires itself out working so so so hard to block out bad music and annoying conversations in these bursts of intense concentration where I forget entirely where I am, until I come crashing down to earth, flooded with stimuli – I look around, I eavesdrop, I get up for more water, and then burrow back into my work.  But not before I waste a few moments of precious writing time crafting my complaints into haiku.

Dude in coffee shop:
A coke, espresso, bluetooth.
That’s too many things.

The café bathroom
Is warm and fragrant with a
thousand coffee farts.

Lady, stop obsessessing
About the tortilla chips.
They ran out. Just deal.

That video of
Bikini ladies on your
iPad skeeves me out.

Guy tells barista,
Coffee’s better at Grumpy’s.
So, go to Grumpy’s.

Yes, the revisions are going quite well, as you can imagine.

2 responses to “My Grievances, Now in Haiku Form

  1. “thousand coffee farts” I love it ! Laughed out loud. Glad I found you through Motherboard Blog.

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