The Read Balloon: Playtime Peekaboo board book

great kids' booksAnd now for the first ever Read Balloon post inspired by a favorite book of The New Guy, Mr. Ollie Baby Himself. At 8 months or so (who can know for sure?), the boy formerly known as Boombox is starting to express some quite sophisticated tastes in literature. To wit, this week’s pick, DK Publishing’s Playtime Peekaboo, author unknown.

I’m trying to get through this post without writing anything disparaging about this board book. Let’s just say I’m not the one whose soul is stirred by Playtime Peekaboo’s sturdy pages, stock photographs of happy babies, and various textures.  But Ollie really really really loves this book. He literally squeals with delight as he lifts the flaps and discovers, all over again, the fuzzy little bear. And we all know that audible squeals are the best reviews any book can hope for. If his reaction is any indication, for babies, Playtime Peekaboo is a delight for the senses. Apparently, it even tastes really good.

Harper also loved this book when she was this age, the age of peekaboo, and I remember appreciating that this book has flaps that are actually sturdy enough to survive the enthusiastic grip of a semi-coordinated baby fist. It’s not the prettiest board book  in the world, but it is exactly what it needs to be. If you have a baby, I will guarantee you that baby will really love this book. I bet you…my copy of this book.

Playtime peekaboo!

And don't miss the exciting sequel, Bedtime Peekaboo. Harper used to kiss every page goodnight before bed. Oh, babies!

4 responses to “The Read Balloon: Playtime Peekaboo board book

  1. Now I know what to get Mario for Christmas…

    I always found these authorless books so bizarrely intriguing. Not even a mention of the person/s who might have assembled the thing? It’s odd.

  2. My daughter LOVES her Bathtime Peekaboo book as well. She’s already ripped off one of the pages and crawls around the dining room with it in her mouth growling.

    The rest of the time she’s yelling loudly at the book and pulling on the pages.

    These books are quite strange, but seem to have baby approval. Go figure.

    I would think they’d have reinforced pages given their audience.

  3. Oh, and lately, those bright colors are blinding me. That pink! Why must everything be so PINK? I am trying to convince Maya that her favorite books are the same as my favorite books, but I think she’d just rather have books that taste good / are good for smacking me in the head with.

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