Things We Now Know About Murray

Taking Murray sledding.

I always wanted an imaginary friend. Only as I type that sentence does it strike me as a little sad. Why in the world didn’t I just imagine one?  I guess it never occurred to me, and so clearly I did not deserve such a companion. So anyway I’m happy for Harper that she has her dear Murray. Murray has been with us for about 7 or 8 months now, having arrived on the scene as soon as she saw Sesame Street for the first time and forged a deep connection with the muppet Murray. Pretend-Murray, as he was originally known, made the leap from screen to home, and has since become a near-constant presence. No one can say for sure why Murray, the loud, friendly, floppy show host with the underbite and devil-may-care attitude captured her imagination so much more than, say, Elmo or Abby or some other carefully engineered tot-buddy. And yet captured her imagination he has, so much so that she doesn’t even want to see actual-Murray anymore because presumably he messes with the pretend-Murray in her head.

All of which is to say, Murray has been especially busy lately. Allow me to share some tidbits.

1) Murray is 18 years old, which means he can drive a car and chew gum.

2) Murray lives in Mexico with many cats.

3) Murray has a new baby arriving soon, sometimes a brother, sometimes a sister, sometimes a “other brother.”

4) Murray is prone to terrible stomach troubles due to his habit of eating old strawberries off the floor. This results in frequent doctor visits, but he rarely fusses and almost never kicks the doctor.

5) Murray is fuzzy, like Sesame Street Murray, but instead of orange, he is yellow.

6) Sometimes Murray is a baby and nurses and bites or nibbles. I don’t know where she gets this stuff.

7) Murray often squeezes toothpaste on clothing, creating the need for outfits to be changed post haste.

8) Murray is sometimes sitting on the toilet when I’m asking Harper to try to pee, so she can’t because she doesn’t want to smush him.

9) Murray usually stays home from parties or outings because he’s feeling shy.

10) Murray has more than once pushed Ollie down or thrown toys at him, and needs Harper to explain to him that Ollie is just a baby and needs to be treated gently.

Oh, Murray!

ETA: I cannot BELIEVE I forgot about one of Murray’s most definitive characteristics, which is that he is often accompanied by The Big Kids. This is an amorphous group of age-shifting children. Inquiries into their ages, genders, names, and other characteristics are always deflected. But there they are, on the couch, or at school, or causing some sort of mischief. “Oh, that’s the Big Kids’ snack, you have to leave it out,” or, “Murray and the Big Kids decided to draw on the wall.” Adam finds The Big Kids to be somewhat creepy, and I have to concur — they sometimes seem to operate kind of like a Warriors-esque gang, a cohesive group of themed folk who seem playful at first but are, it is soon revealed, unstoppable. You didn’t think Murray traveled without a posse, did you?

18 responses to “Things We Now Know About Murray

  1. Aww! I love Murray!

  2. Murray is the best.

  3. You know, it’s never too late for an imaginary friend. Maybe you could make up more than one and then, oh I don’t know, write a story about them? I know, I know, dumb idea, sorry….

  4. That is awesome. I did want to warn Murray that,exico is a little dicey these days and he should stay close to Merida or Oaxaca to avoid the cartels, and possible begeadings. Who knew Murray was so hard core.

  5. It is a beautiful photo of Murray being pulled on the saucer.

  6. Are you sure Adam isn’t imaginary? I’d never been entirely certain myself.

  7. Adorable story like the previous ones. Lyla loves looking at pictures of Harper and Ollie and wants to know when they can come and play. She said she promises that she’ll share all her toys with them. Yesterday while playing dress up she had gotten a large hole in the brand new pair of pantyhose and when I saw it I gasped and said, “Oh my! Now how in the world did that happen in just ten short minutes, Lyla? Her reply was, Jack Frost scratched them…Seems to me that she also has an imaginary friend. He’s a bit more destructive than Murray and on that fact alone, I’m quite sure that I prefer Harper’s friend over Lyla’s any day.

  8. My younger daughter has an imaginary friend named Dink Rose who has been around for a couple of years (daughter is 5 now and Dink Rose doesn’t come around much any more).

  9. My 5 yr old son’s name is Murray! We named him before that new Sesame Street character and now my husband and I just hope that Murray never becomes as popular as Elmo.
    This post cracks me up because I’m picturing our kids having some secret psychic connection. And because pretend Murray sounds a bit like our real Murray.

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