Household Wording Elsewhere

I've been blogging away. On a red typewriter. Okay, this picture doesn't make any sense.

As usual, I have many posts I intend to write that remain in my brain because instead I am doing other things like sleeping. But just wait. I have books to write about, and rooms in the new house, and novel revisions, and playschool, and my new obsession with cross-fit training. Totally kidding about that last one, I’m still all weak and pasty. Anyway, I have been writing posts for Mamarama over at Redbook that are the sorts of things I would be posting here if laundry magically did itself at night. Here are a few, in case anyone is interested:

The one about how awful it is when your toddler has a tantrum on an airplane and people are dicks about it.

The one about reading my favorite childhood books to Harper whether she likes it or not.

The one that is a letter to Alton about how much we adore him, even though we forget his name sometimes and refer to him as Harper’s brother.

The one where I try to be funny about Michelle Duggar.

And maybe one day I will write something for this blog too.

image from skippydesigns on etsy


2 responses to “Household Wording Elsewhere

  1. umm…continuing the thread of alton as the occasionally put-upon second child, the link for the letter to alton goes to the post about reading to harper. tell alton that it could be worse–he could be the third child.

    sincerely, sarah(yes, a third child)

  2. Fill up the blog with party pics!

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