Spring Festivities and a First Birthday.

A year ago at this time I was basking in the unique glow of motherhood, swathed in the womb-like confines of a shared room at NYU Tisch Medical Center, toasting my new son with the endless ice waters the rosy-cheeked nurses kept bringing me. And/or, I was sitting in a paper dress all stunned, like, WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? After miserable weeks of sort-of-labor, after reaching that too-pregnant psychosis where you start believe the baby is just staying in forever, after passing the due date and sailing on to the next week and infinity beyond, actual labor was so fast the kid was almost born in a taxi cab. And not to wallow in cliche here, but I can’t believe Alton King turns one today.



Likes: Harper, cheese, drinking from a glass, throwing a ball, walking around, slapping things.

Dislikes: clementines.

Skills: Walking, running, falling, getting up, climbing, falling, getting up. Can say Mama, Dada, Hapa, that, and cake.

Goals: Getting bigger than Harper by age 2.


We celebrated by chasing Ollie, as he has somehow come to be known, around various locales and pulling him down off stools, chairs, and tables. First, an adorable Easter egg hunt in the backyard of our new building. This building has just been charming me to death. All the kids! The shoeless playdates! Look at this shit:

ImageImageImageImageOkay, so that was cute. At promptly 1 pm, both of my young combusted, so we went home (all the way upstairs) for naps, and then in the afternoon headed into Prospect Park. Harper had suggested some weeks ago that we go to the carousel by the zoo on Ollie’s first birthday and that she would make sure he didn’t get scared. So we did, and she did. She forgot, however, to make sure that she didn’t get scared. But she played through the panic and then afterward walked away uncertainly, saying, “Maybe that’s for when I’m older,” and “The brave ones get treats.” (?!) Ollie: completely unfazed.


ImageImageAnd then some park frolicking, and a long stroll home, and then, of course: cake.


4 responses to “Spring Festivities and a First Birthday.

  1. Ellen Tetzloff

    Happy Birthday Ollie!! What a wonderful day!! You’re #1!
    Love you bunches…Grandpa and Grandma!

  2. Adorable. What a fun day. I can’t believe a year has already gone by!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Ollie!!! Looks like fun was had by all who shared in your special day. Love sent your way fromy Great Auntie Susie and Greater Uncle Mike

  4. Loved the picures and birthday celebration. Isn’t FB wonderful for sharing? Love it! Happy Birthday, Ollie!! Harper..you are growing sooo fast! Much Love from a family friend,

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