The Boy/Girl Bedroom

I keep meaning to post some beautifully set-dressed and well-photographed evidence of our new home. “Look at that sun-washed room with the casual vase of peonies just so, and that teacup which I hardly notice but which lends the whole image a subliminal coziness!” You would exclaim. But I don’t have time for any of this. I’m revising the novel in every spare instant and chasing Ollie down off the ceiling in every unspare instant. Anyway, so for now some iPhone pics of the kiddo room. I just think it’s a really cute little room, with its wacky, mostly accidental mix of patterns and the well-hung (snicker snicker) artwork arranged by professional art handler, Uncle Doug. Harper loves it, though she doesn’t understand why they can’t have bunk beds yet. (Because I’m mean, pretty much.) And the other day she got all teary, missing the silver stars in her tiny old closet of a room. Recreating those stars is actually on my to-do list. Number 947. Getting there.

I think we probably still count as a tiny kids’ room, though to us it feels huge. To have room to play! In the bedroom! How novel! They even have a closet, half of which is dedicated to clothes and books. We are living the life over here, people. Don’t even get me started on the elevator. Or the parking garage. Park Whope? Anyway. So behold: the room: as it actually is every day. (Imagine the sunlight, flowers, and achingly lovely photography. And tidiness, imagine some tidiness too.)

PS I wrote this post on my phone while kind of supervising Harper taking a bath. I’m such a good mom!











6 responses to “The Boy/Girl Bedroom

  1. Seeing this on the actual computer (and not my phone) I realize how misleading these photos are. The walls are white and the rug is white and blue — but these dreamy filters make everything so dramatic!

  2. The room is so cheerful and vibrant! I love the rug and beautiful patterns throughout. I especially might steal the idea of the artwork wire– perfect for rotating new work as they come in!

    Thank you for sharing!!

    How do the kids do sleeping together in there? I am afraid that Mario will wake Sabine up with his crying…

  3. Here is what I have found: Harper wakes up Ollie but he doesn’t wake her up. But Murray (the imaginary one) does, frequently! He’s such a jerk.

  4. what does he do, pinch her? gees, tell him to keep his invisible little hands to himself.

    so i need to experiment with the kids in one room. not sure why i’m so scared to take this leap!

  5. I love it! Phone photos or not…it’s a perfectly quirky, precious little room 🙂
    All that chevron makes me swoon. And I love the mix of patterns and colors.

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