Girls’ Night

Sometimes on the days when I work Harper and I have a girls’ night dinner. I put Ollie to bed and then Harper and I eat dinner together, complete with a candle, and ice waters for toasting. She’s a pretty good date, at least until she has a tantrum about hair-brushing. So anyway, tonight she asked me what I wrote about at the coffee shop (she is the only one who ever asks me this, by the way) and I was explaining a post I wrote about Martha Gellhorn’s favorite getaways.

Me: “She loved to travel all over the world, and then she’d write about it. So I wrote about some of her favorite place to go. She was a very cool lady who had lots of adventures.”

Harper: “…and children?”

Me: “Well actually no.”

Harper: “Oh, that’s good.”

Me: “Why?”

Harper: “I’m worried if she had lots of children they would grab her glasses. Did she wear glasses?”

Me: “No, I don’t think so.”

Harper: “Oh, ok. Well I’m still glad she didn’t have children because then I’m worried they might try to come with on all her adventures and think they were writers too.”

Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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