The Novel, The Shore

First, bookishness: There is finally a cover for The Mermaid of Brooklyn, née The Double Life of Jenny Lipkin, and I love it and you will love it too. OR ELSE. No, trust me, you’ll love it. I can’t share it yet…but I will. Oh, you bet I will. And the UK rights for the book have sold which is obviously mega-exciting. I can’t wait to go through the manuscript and add “u”s to all the “color”s and “favorites”! JK. Though I totally would if they wanted me to.

I think I’m finally done with the revisions too. Though it gets to the point where it’s hard to stop. Every word seems to beg for a bit of jostling about! But at a certain point you’re also just so sick of the thing you can’t imagine ever even talking about it, let alone trying to tell people to read it. (Aren’t they all so sick of it?)

I’m of course so excited and thankful for the book’s impending release. But I have to admit to some nerves too. The book is after all about a Brooklyn mother of 2. She struggles with depression and a crappy husband, and her story is not mine (rather, it’s loosely based on the life of my great-grandmother — very loosely! — and superimposed onto my own setting, oh right and there’s a mermaid). Also, she doesn’t wear glasses, so how could she possibly be me? But already the comments have begun. Oy! Poor Adam. He took my author photo over the weekend and I stood there in the bedroom trying to form a smile that would project: “EVERYTHING IS OK. I’M OK!  I ADORE MY KIDS! MY HUSBAND WOULD NEVER LEAVE HIS WIFE AND KIDS! HE’S GREAT! I MADE IT UP! I DON’T WANT TO HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH A CUTE STAY-AT-HOME-DAD! I LOVE MY FAMILY AND BEING A MOM AND NEVER FEEL LIKE JUMPING OFF A BRIDGE, PROMISE! ALSO I’VE NEVER MET A MERMAID.” I hope it worked. What do you think?

I’m okay! I just like to make up stories, that’s all! Promsies!

And So:

Next week we are going on vacation to the glamorous Jersey Shore. Just like the show! Okay, I don’t really know anything about the show, I just know that it’s a little funny to joke about it. Snooki! Right? I’m really looking forward to the family time, the 30-minutes-at-a-time-before-we-all-get-hot-and-sick-of-sand beach days, the little house we’re renting. And I’m hoping to score some naptimes to pound out a draft of a short story I’ve had twitching around my brain (that’s an inside joke with myself, related to the story! ha ha, me!).

And after that I’m think I’m going to try to make this a place for a weekly Read Balloon post about books and that’s it for a while. I know I haven’t been blogging much here anyway, but I think it will help my brain to decide this. I’m going to try to set aside scraps of writing time for the aforementioned short story and then a new novel I’m outlining. And for some crazy reason I’m a juror for a Canadian book prize! So I will soon have a stack of books to read. I’m scared about that. But you just can’t say no to Canadians. They’ll kill you in your sleep.

Which is too bad because I want to tell you about the awesome Slow Reader’s Book Group I’m now a part of, and all the very terribly amusing things my children do, and the very terribly amusing ways I invent to make life messy and difficult (jell-o finger painting anyone?), but, as our beloved babysitter says… Whateveseleves.

To the shore!

One response to “The Novel, The Shore

  1. Yes, it worked! You look great.

    Congratulations, Amy. And good luck with the next slew of projects. Long live the long naps!


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