Guest Post: The Perfect Mommy Steps In

Hi all! So, Amy has been totally neglecting this blog, and today she’s all distracted by the HUGE SCARY FRANKENSTORM that she thinks she’s prepared for because she bought some water and snack bars – she’s so funny! Anyway, so she asked me (hi! It’s me, of The Perfect Mommy Blog!) to step in. Don’t let my blog’s silly name fool you, though. I’m soooo not perfect! Oh that reminds me, I wanted to show you the cutest picture:

Lunchtime! We do a different classical composer everyday. So silly, I know, but it’s just fun! Man, do my kids love their veggies — and their Mozart. Those goofs!

Poor Amy has been so overwhelmed lately. Every night I text her to see why she hasn’t posted anything – I just think those Brooklyn moms are a hoot – and she’s like, “So tired. Stop texting me.” I get it – I update my blog every day, so I know it’s no joke time-wise, plus I have 9 children under the age of 10 (4 sets of twins, what are the chances?? Lol) who I homeschool in a carefully researched Waldorf-inspired style. Amy’s always like, “You seem so productive and super-happy, Perfect Mom, what’s your secret?” I tell her, there’s no secret, silly, just good graphic design, dreamy photo filters, and some careful planning.

Just a candid shot of us lazing around the house. Excuse the mess! So embarrassing!

For one thing, as my husband, my best friend who I am madly in love with, will tell you, I’m a little bit of a neat freak. But I stay organized with a simple chore chart — the little ones LOVE pitching in! I don’t know what it is, but my kids just adore chores.

I make mealtime super-duper easy by growing all my own organic fruits and vegetables in our garden – the kids love to help, and outdo each other by eating the most vegetables. Whatever works, you know? This allows me to keep my monthly grocery shopping budget under $150. Really, all it takes is some planning – here’s my PDF of all the essentials you need for a month of feeding 11 hungry people on a budget – so easy!  Then one weekend a month my girlfriends and I get together and cook 90 meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – from scratch to freeze. It’s so easy and fun! Here’s one of our favorites – my kids all love it. 

Homeschooling is really such a snap, too – I keep the younger ones busy with a cardboard box and some lids, which they will play with quietly for hours and hours, I promise you. I keep costs down by making all our books out of handmade paper from our own mulched logs. You see what I mean? Easy! I’m just lucky that my older girls teach the younger kids Latin while I make everyone’s clothes from scratch every morning. And they are so not perfect! Just look at this messy little romper I threw together in two seconds — sorry for the bad cellphone pic!

The suitcase is full of toys she insists she’s ready to donate to poor children in Africa. Where does she get these ideas? Haha

Sure, with so many little ones it’s hard to stay sane. We keep things simple by naming all the girls Kendra and all the boys Wyatt. Then we can reuse the letterpressed birthday party invites and personalized bunting. And you can’t forget about “me” time, so one night a week I make my hubby’s favorite dinner, set the table with fresh flowers and candles, get all dressed up, and put the kids to bed early, so that I can focus on my sweet guy. I know what you’re thinking – look out, or soon we’ll be seeing numbers 10 and 11! Lol! Really, those kids hardly even let me create a downloadable PDF of my favorite recipes or jam jar labels or paper dolls. Maybe I’ll get a TV one of these days. 😉

I made this fully-functioning space ship in like two seconds with some old boxes and tin foil. Seriously, so easy!

Anyway, I’m just saying, moms out there, I totally get it. I don’t judge moms like Amy for their love of yoga pants, frozen chicken nuggets, and toddler iPad apps. It’s not easy being a Perfect Mommy Blogger ™! Just ask, well, me! Lol!

OMG, so embarrassing – my hubby snapped these candid pics of me just shlubbing around on a Saturday morning on the way home from the farmer’s market. Eek! Sorry about that. Ok, time to go make some Eggs Benedict for the little monsters!

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