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Sophie Blackall

A word girl, by Sophie Blackall

As so often happens around here, I’ve been writing so many things all over the place that the end result is I have no time to write. (?!)

But just in case you were curious, these are sort of relevant:

There is this thing, Notable Mothers in Literature, from Marmee to Corinne Dollanganger, for Redbook. (PS: You can enter to win a free copy of my book here! Or, you know, like, have your library order it. Either way.)

And this thing, What You Should Never Stay to Say-At-Home Moms, on The Huffington Post (older, but people seem to like it!).

Also are these things, on Fit Pregnancy:

Writing Motherhood: What Goes in the Baby Book, On Facebook, On Your Mom-Blog and In Your Novel

The 10 Most Practical Pieces of Parenting Advice No One Tells You

Getting Back Into Shape After Baby. Or Not.

The Agony and The Ecstasy of the Two-Year Age Gap

And some interviews: about writing mermaids, for Carolyn Turgeon’s beautiful I am a Mermaid blog,  about working as a writer, for the 365 Bold Blog, about Brooklyn life for the Brooklyn Daily Eagleabout what I’ve been reading, for Writers Read, and about writing my novel for BookSparks. And those are all the things I know about, so now I have to go learn about some more things in case anyone else wants to interview me.

And I’ve gotten to review some wonderful new novels for! Jennifer Cody Epstein’s The Gods of Heavenly Punishment, Fiona Maazel’s Woke Up Lonely, and Hilary Reyl’s Lessons in French– more on their way. I love when I get paid to read. The only other time this happened was when I worked in a library and would hide in the stacks and read when I was supposed to be shelving.

I can’t imagine anyone would need to read all of these things at once, so know that I am posting this mostly to prove I’m been doing something.

Here are my plans for the foreseeable future:

-Finish revising the short story I’ve been working on for too many months now.
-Write another short story that’s been rambling around in my head for too many months now.
-Plant our container garden.
-Read some of the 90,000 books in my TBR pile.
-Chase after the kids, who both have scooters now, all summer.
-Stop googling my book.

How about you? Summer reading/writing plans?

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