Some Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You About


Don’t you wish you were headed to school in a plaid cloak? Oh, autumn. And oh, Potato Cake Vintage, with your way-too-many perfect kid clothes.

I remember thinking last spring, Some day I will be a human again. For so long — and I’m not complaining! Or maybe just a little — every spare second I had was TMoB-related. Revising, then copyedits, then online book PR, all of which coincided with birthdays, then getting the kids’ school situations settled, then more online book PR, and essays and oh you know. All of it. Lovely ways to be busy, but still. Breathless. And not glamorous. Done late at night, after spending long days with the kids, bleary-eyed, a little desperate. Exhausting.

Things have settled down to the point that I am being a bit human again, and it feels pretty good. I am getting to those nagging things that have been on my to-do list for so long they are probably ready for pre-K themselves. Like responding to ancient emails. Putting together photo albums. Doing my spring cleaning. (Yes, I know it’s October.) The lovely non-essentials. Sometimes you just need a little time with your non-essentials, you know what I’m saying?

Anyway, in all this time I’ve been meaning to make the following recommendations. I’ve written imaginary blog posts about each of them, and they were astoundingly witty and wise and beautifully illustrated, each and every one. But I forgot about the step where you type out the imaginary blog post and share it with humans. So in the interest of gettin’ ‘er done, here, please, I insist, check out these things:

Kids’ music for actual music lovers: Hello! Hello! Hello! by The Itty-Bitties. My kids are obsessed with this album. Obsessed. But maybe not as obsessed as I am. We don’t do a lot of music made just for kids, but this is GREAT — fun and smart and really lovely (those harmonies!) and I can’t stop singing the songs, and it’s among our favorites for family dance parties, right up there with Johnny Ace and Jackie Wilson.

This detangler. Harper’s obsession with her hair has gotten really intense. (See golden locks above.) No matter how many cute bobs and pixies I point out on her friends, she insists on having “princess hair.” Every once in a while a charmed bystander coos at her and says “She’s like Rapunzel!” And I’m like “Do not encourage her. Or would you like to come over for detangling duty after bath time?” But miraculously Hip Peas detangler works and is not full of weird chemicals that give me guilt stomachaches. That was my public service announcement for the day. You are welcome. Oh also this brush. Okay you’re welcome again.

-I know it’s not even Halloween yet but CHRISTMAS IS COMING PEOPLE. I am keenly aware of this, being a Jew who loves Christmas. And thus, we should all get this book, My Pen Pal, Santa, illustrated by the talented Jenny Bell! Can you imagine a cuter Christmas present. Don’t lie. You know you cannot.

-While I am on the subject of cute books illustrated by talented women, remember Susie Ghahremani? I just got her first comic, Hello Kitty: Here We Go! a wordless reimagining of Hello Kitty, and it will scald your eyeballs with cuteness in a totally pleasant way. We love wordless books around here. I’m going to give this one to Harper for Hanukah, which we have made our book-giving holiday (as if it didn’t have enough problems).

The pumpkin latte of toothpastes. I am a total sucker for anything fall/winter season-scented. Throw some cloves into anything at all and I’m happy. Seasonal clove ranch dressing, yum! Okay anyway. So the nice people at Tom’s of Maine sent me some cinnamon clove toothpaste and I was like “Yeah, okay, I guess, what…WHOA I LOVE YOU, TOOTHPASTE.” Because it is the season, amirite?

-Okay, enough about toothpaste. Let’s get literary. Kate Hopper’s memoir of motherhood just came out, and it is a wonder of a book. If you had a premature baby, know someone who did, are curious about what it’s like, or just love reading beautifully written memoirs, well. Get on it: Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood. 

Stephany Aulenback is always winning at Pinterest, but her board devoted to Mudpies and Other Recipes: A Cookbook for Dolls is LITERALLY the most charming thing in the world and universe. Literally.

-AND I’m excited about this new website called How To Build A Better MotherLook at that interview with Virginia Heffernan! Good stuff!

-Finally, a strong cup of Paris tea. I’m excited about this, just generally.

Okay, I think that was it. What about you? What things are making you feel like a human lately?

One response to “Some Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You About

  1. Thank you for the shout out here, Amy! How did I miss this??

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