The Read Balloon: Bill Hoover’s Haiku Alphabet

I remember when my husband first told me about Bill Hoover. He played a cassette tape (!) in his car, and we drove around Iowa City listening to Bill Hoover’s distinctive voice sing the smartest, funniest songs I’d ever heard; Adam told me about the times he had, as a high school student, driven out to Omaha to see Bill Hoover’s band The Dark Town House Band play, the time he’d gone on stage to sing with them. Bill has that kind of creative spirit, the kind that makes everyone want to go on stage and sing along. He seems to be constantly embarking on some new creative endeavor —  he’s a musician, painter, storyteller, writer, and teacher — and so I was unsurprised but delighted when he emailed me about his new children’s book, Haiku Alphabet. 

Harper and I read through the book today and she was fascinated by the illustrations — they are pretty wonderful. Observe:


Here is Harper’s review: 

“It’s good! My favorite part is how the Z and A say ‘It’s hard always being last’ and ‘It’s hard always being first’ Because it’s fun how it repeats. I really liked it. The pictures were interesting. I like how it’s just in black and white. It seems like coloring pages! I think it’s for kids in between mine and Ollie’s age. And for both our ages. My favorite letter in it is the Z. I don’t know why. Can we look up coloring pages to print out now? This put me in the mood for coloring.”

And there you have it. That’s Bill Hoover for you — hilarious, zany, and inspiring.

Visit his website for ordering information. This book really is delightful, and would make a great present for new parents (especially since it’s one of those books with humor that will appeal to board-book-zapped grownups…)

Happy Haikuing…


One response to “The Read Balloon: Bill Hoover’s Haiku Alphabet

  1. Fun stuff, thanks for the review, we will have to check him out for the littles in our family ! =)

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