Who Are You Calling a Bad Mommy?


Oh, stop judging me. (Photo by Frieke Janssens)

As usual, everything is happening elsewhere. That’s the modern world, people. 

Well, here’s what I wanted to say about the Slacker Mommy phenomenon:

Here it comes, the backlash to the “Bad Mommy” backlash to the “Perfect Mother” backlash to the “Don’t Be a Mother” backlash to the “You Have to Be a Mother” backlash to the… where was I? Oh right, the Salon article burning up my Facebook feed these days, titled “The tyranny of the bad mother: Slacker moms are just as intimidating as perfect ones.” Elissa Strauss writes about the persona of the “Bad Mother,” which has colonized the world of mommy blogs: “Born in the sanctimommy’s shadows, the bad mother is everything the perfect breast-feeding, plastic-avoiding mom is not… But then the bad mothers started getting a little judgey themselves.” Could it be that the real problem is that we have become addicted to labeling ourselves as mothers? And how has this happened?…

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3 responses to “Who Are You Calling a Bad Mommy?

  1. When I read the Slacker Mom article there was a link next to it with a picture of a mother and daughter and the headline: “Pageant Mom Investigated for Giving Daughter Botox”. Ah, sweet algorithm…

  2. Now that doesn’t sound like a slacker mom to me. That sounds like a pretty dedicated mom.

    The question is… dedicated to what?

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