babies. books. brooklyn.

The Household Words staff, pictured in June 2011.

Hello.  My name is Amy Shearn.  I’m a novelist and stay-at-home mom to two small  children.  I teach writing, and I really like to read books, and occasionally I walk my dog, and I have an excellent husband who works in the video game industry and makes cool things and takes most of the photos you’ll see here and who is, according to our daughter (and me), the funniest person alive.  (But not our son. He thinks this title belongs to his sister, who cracks him up.) I used to write a blog about books until I had a baby and my brain melted, but now I occasionally post reviews of books that are popular in our household.

I also write for, and the Redbook Mamarama blog.

An incomplete assortment of other writing that can be read online:
A letter to Harper on her first birthday, at iVillage, The Worst Magazine Prank Ever, an essay at the L Magazine, various posts at The Nervous Breakdown, a short story called The Kidnapped, at Brink Magazine, and three poems at La Fovea.

email me if you want: amyshearn [at]

about the name
The phrase “household words” comes from Shakespeare, for I am crazy intellectual like that — “Familiar in his mouth as household words” — and was later the name of an 1850s English weekly magazine edited by Charles Dickens, from whom I stole my header.

5 responses to “babies. books. brooklyn.

  1. Babies (or should I say, baby) has melted my brain too. But I’m trying to blog about books separately and blog about baby separately and I wonder if that’s wise. Love your husband’s photographs. Loved your use of language in your novel (hooray!). Loved meeting you for 1101, my first semester TA’ing. Will come back to visit.

    Also, we are linked on La Fovea… Karen Rigby would be our one degree (or two?) of separation. 🙂

    • Oh hey thanks! How cool. Yes, must be the Karen Rigby/Minnesota connection. I’m sure it’s wise to blog books and babies separately. I am horrified at how little time I find to read these days. I used to scoff at people who claimed they couldn’t find time to read! Ach.

      Funny that you were in 1101! That feels like a million years ago. For you too I’m sure, Mama. 🙂

  2. I just wanted to make a public declaration of my appreciation – when you highlight a blog on you really do change people’s lives. Thank you so much for changing mine. I was just thinking about hanging up the old keyboard, and then suddenly I had a fairy godmother named Amy. xo

  3. This is a lovely photo of your lovely family! My baby melted my brain too. I’m the worst at leaving good comments, but, I teach too (design/decorative arts) and I’m book obsessed. Okay, three year old is hollering in the next room … gotta go.

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